Retail and Foodservice

Fresh Kist sells to an assortment of retailers and foodservice operators, local and distant, large and small. We work with our customers to ensure that they are receiving produce that is fresh and healthy. You can find both our naked, Fresh Kist wrap and private branded items in stores from coast to coast throughout the year.


Fresh Kist specializes in growing top quality produce for the export market, particularly Asia, Canada and Mexico. To travel the sometimes two-week trip by ocean liner, produce must be at its freshest. Our growers and field staff work closely with customer QA to select the optimal produce for the journey. Produce must be damage free, certified pest free and cut to customer specification and quality standards.
As well as broccoli, we export celery, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage and mix items to various markets.
Please contact Mike Purewal to make export sales inquiries.


As consumers’ taste for healthier, convenient, ready-made (or almost ready-made) fresh produce has grown, we’ve seen increased interest from processors, who have exacting standards for food safety and raw product quality. We work with each of our processor customers to ensure they have the quality raw product to meet their needs, whether that is bulk conventional lettuce, cored lettuce, cabbage, celery or broccoli.
Contact Craig Smithback for more information.