• Fresh From Our Fields

    We're in the field every day, assessing quality and maturity and selecting the right product for each customer. Whether export, domestic cartons or product for further processing, our customers get the freshest produce possible.
  • Export Broccoli

    Export Broccoli is always in season. We offer a variety of cuts, packed in our label or yours, cut and cooled to your specs. We'll work with your field representative to ensure the product makes arrival, even after a long boat ride.
  • Lettuce Season

    The Central Coast enjoys a long warm season, from March/April through Nov/Dec, perfect for growing iceberg. When winter hits you can find us in the desert, where warmer temps ensure that we have lettuce for the rest of the year.
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CA LGMA Certified

We've been a certified member of the CA LGMA since its inception in 2007.


Many of our Growers are also our Owners. That means direct communication from growing, through harvest, sales, shipping and on to our customers.

Traceable Product

Coding on cartons, bins and pallets offers one up and one back traceability for all our items.

Striving for Perfect Product

Ideal Growing Locations

Not too cool and not too hot. The Central Coast (spring-summer-fall) and Imperial Valley (winter) have perfect lettuce growing weather.

Experienced Growers

With years of hands on experience. To generations.

Attention to Food Safety

Starts Before Planting.. Food Safety starts with ground preparation, training and and science-based methodologies.
head lettuce

The Right Seed Varieties

We select seed with the most favorable characteristic for each growing area and season.

A Focused Lettuce Manager

He knows his lettuce and has the experience to select lettuce at optimum maturity and size for each pack..

Focus on Quality

We aim to harvest and ship our lettuce the same day so customers get the freshest salads..

Fresh Kist Produce

Proudly serving the Produce Industry since 2000.

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