Maintaining the cold chain is important to the freshness of our product. Whether using hydro-cooling, hydro-vac, forced air, or ice, our coolers use state of the art systems to cool product to its optimum temperature and hold it there. Our coolers are designed for and cool only produce.
As with every part of our operations, our cooling facilities are held to high standards in product handling, cut-to cool time, safety, food security, and sanitation. Each cooler must pass the Primus pGFS audit with a score in the excellent range (at or near 100%). Our cooler strive to maintain product freshness, cleanliness of incoming trailers, minimize wait times in order to load the right product on outbound trucks and get that product out to our customers. To minimize wait times, our coolers load by appointment only. All appointments can be made by dialing 805-343-2331.
Our primary cooler in Santa Maria is Guadalupe Cooling.